Where they live and how they feed on the parasites?

Before you figure out how to feed on the parasites (fungi, protozoa, helminths), it is necessary to think about the danger that bring a person's health. After all, most people still believe the parasites something very usual and natural. In fact, the danger of parasites is much greater than that, as she decided to think.

the real threat from parasites

Parasites in the human body

A person usually can not see signs of that in his body there appeared the lower animal or vegetable micro-organisms, the power through him. Because from the moment of penetration of the parasite into the expressed symptoms of the disease can go up to 10 years.

Parasites live at the expense of humans, feeds on its juice, and get paid for it just by that secrete a poisonous substance and tamper with human, forced to eat the diet that is necessary to them.

The real threat from parasites

In the world has the order of 260 species of deworming, living in the human body. Of this number, 70 species of заселяют organisms russians.

In the course of life each person bring in yourself паразитарное disease, and in the vast majority of the parasites will find in children.

Many parasites it is difficult to compartmentalize, contain bacteria and viruses. The death of the parasite is dangerous, that is carried out to release the infection. And the man puzzled, from where he could appear.

Location of parasitic organisms

Заселяют parasites body general. However, they note that almost 95% of the total number of all disease belongs to the pollution of the large intestine.

Anatomically worms your system, digestive problems do not, and that there is, very simply arranged. Therefore, it is their food — it is well усваиваемая and ферментативная food of the host. The giant varieties (лентецы, цепни etc.) absorb food in the whole of its surface.

The human intestine is the ideal place of existence for each parasite. Therefore, many of them are trying to live right here.

Very fond of pipes of the pancreas and the gall bladder strongyloides stercoralis, lamblia intestinalis and opisthorchis. Every problem in the data the organs is associated with заселением these parasites.

the life cycle of лямблий

Opisthorchis and giardia, among other things, can you find yourself in the liver, the kidneys and the lower pulmonary departments.

The rectum is considered to be the abode of pinworms. At night they emerge in the crotch area and produce there a clutch of their eggs, приклеивая is to the skin of the tail. To blow eggs вызревают at the necessary stage, which causes the devastating feeling of itching.

When расчесывании skin one add the eggs get under the nails. How to get from the oral cavity to the lymph nodes and blood vessels, spread throughout the body. Therefore, it is observed in the heart, brain and lungs.

Предпочитаемое place of settlement trichinella — this is aperture, сгибатели limbs, muscle and adipose tissue of pigs, bears, domestic pigs. Probably the larvae of heracleum capsule, inside which trichinella leads your lifestyle for 25 years. An aggravated assault occurs at the time of intake of fat and meat, including with moderate heat treatment.

The fungus Candida does not cause much reason for concern, if you have a strong immune system. But when the deterioration of well-being in general, and completion of treatment of antibiotics with a broad spectrum of activities becomes apparent to his advances in cellular reproduction and aggression.

Fungi most commonly invade the body through the mouth. From there is introduced into the blood vessels, damage to their the surface of the wall. More often the fungus to infect old people and children, so as that those what other immunity weak.

Nutrition of parasites

nutrition of parasites

The parasites are pulling the most nourishing ingredients from the consumed food of the host, namely: glucose, vitamins, easily digestible carbohydrates, trace elements. The landlord runs their biggest a small part.

As a result the body becomes обделен potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, silicon and zinc, in it appears гиповитаминоз. Due to the lack of minerals and vitamins appear amplified appetite, the body begins to require that all large portions of food.

Helminths cause pathological processes in the body, thus:

  • direct damage (in the form of mechanical damage to the intestinal mucosa and its surfaces, the liver, желчевыводящих tract, pancreas);
  • consequential damages, expressed неполадками in the activity of the immune system and allergic manifestations.

Why is the system of immunity of parasites "see"? Everything is very simple. This fact explains the phenomenon of adaptation parasites in the body. Among the parasites occurs, this type of income, for whose account it is the structure of the protein molecules becomes a replica of the иммунно regulatory proteins of the host. This leads to a peaceful adaptation of the parasites in the body of the new owner, their brief justification and smooth reproduction.

This tactic behavior helps the easiest to survive in man for a longer period of time, slowly but surely destroy your health and yet be discreet.

A person may long to heal the disease, there is no suspicion about the fact that after all the time, stimulates its development.