The removal of parasites from the body

what helps against parasites

Carriers of the parasites is a large part of the population of the globe. Most is in the body of the people of worms (scientific, deworming), which can be infected through dirty hands, unwashed vegetables and fruit, through the meat of animals or fish. From the "illegal" population, no one's safe, they caused by the disease long time is asymptomatic, or are disguised as other патологию. The question of how to extricate the parasites from the body, occurs in many of the owners of the pets as well as people whose lifestyle is associated with agriculture, animal husbandry, a common approach to exotic countries and so on and so Part of the people believes that it is better to use folk remedies, others prefer the traditional method of treatment from worms. In practice are used various methods for cleansing the human body from parasites, complementary to each other.

For the attack

The fight with the parasites of humanity started a long time ago, but to win заразу failed up to the present.

During the development of worms have learned to adapt to conditions of habitat in the human body so that the immune system is not able to recognize and destroy, and so people can live with parasites for years without thinking about her.

treatment of folk remedies

Between the parasites in the course of years to feed at the expense of the host, grow, multiply and intoxicate its toxic products of its life. Removed parasites from the body is necessary, therefore, to cause these negative processes in the human body:

  1. Develop сенсибилизацию (support permanent allergic background) of the whole organism of man, trigger the development of acute anaphylactic conditions (hives, swelling of the Квинке), make it difficult to treatment available allergic diseases (asthma, rhinitis, dermatitis).
  2. Have toxic effects on the patterns of the nervous system and internal organs – the heart, the lungs, the liver, and the joints, blood vessels, disrupting their normal functioning.
  3. Cause mechanical damage to organs and tissues.
  4. They destroy the natural defence barriers of the human body and open up the gateway for microbial pathogens, which leads to the formation of inflammatory processes in different parts of the bowel and other organs.
  5. Reduce immunity and increase the susceptibility of an individual to infection.
  6. Have a particularly detrimental impact on the growing organism of children – long infestation of parasites, slowing down of physical and neuro-psychological development of children, suppress the immune system, contribute to the rapid flourishing of allergies.

Who has the blow

Medical science has discovered that in the human body can live about 300 kinds of different worms. For our country is important, no more than 30 of them, among the most common are the following parasites:

  1. The class of roundworms (hookworm) – are everywhere. Infect them you can in direct contact with the sick (pinworms), through the hands of the dirty, unwashed vegetables, fruit, herbs, raw water (Ascaris, whipworm). Pinworms live in the large intestine and provoke with a strong night itching in the anal area where females lay eggs. Ascaris larvae migrate from the blood into various organs, causing cough, body temperature, allergic reactions, while the adults cause inflammation in the small intestine, where they live and feed on the food. Whipworm damages the walls of the colon, causing diarrhea with blood, anemia, weight loss.
  2. Class of tapeworm – these parasites occur less often, in the human body find themselves in the consumption of infected larvae of beef or pork (bullish and pig цепни respectively), малосоленой, raw fish or caviar (wide лентец), contaminated soil with feces of animals, fruit, vegetables or water (echinococcus). This may cause education of a cyst of large size in various organs (liver, heart, lungs, brain). Лентец able years live in the human intestine, growing up to 15 m in length. The same applies солитера (bull цепня).
  3. A class of flat worms (трематоды) – the deputy is the cat двуустка (siberian or liver of Dicrocoelium dendriticum) that causes the disease opisthorchiasis, occurs after the consumption of poorly heat-treated river freshwater fish. Damage the liver and the system выводящую bile, these parasites live for many years.
  4. The easiest – amoeba (cause дизентерию) and giardia (they live in the small intestine and желчной system, contribute to the development of inflammation).

Traditional methods of treatment

methods of treatment

Symptoms of worm infestation may longer exist, or impersonate any other патологию. To the diagnosis when suspected worms in the clinics, which offer a variety of surveys – determination of immunoglobulins in the blood, вегетативно-resonance methods, and so on

In practice and on the overall analysis of the peripheral blood from the finger, it may be assumed with great probability the presence of parasites on the increased levels of eosinophils (a marker of allergic сенсибилизации of the human body).

For practical doctor a question about how to pull out the parasites, does not present any difficulties. Dr. prefer a synthetic broad-spectrum drugs. By these means it is possible to quickly and effectively destroy the various kinds of deworming with virtually once (for one day). Acts on all stages of the development of parasites, they can accept all members of the family.

Chemical preparations pretty active on the human body, which causes a variety of adverse reactions from the organs of the digestive tract, especially the liver, contribute to the development of the intoxication of the whole organism due to the massive loss of parasites. For recovery after deworming it is necessary to consume more water, take medication prescribed by a doctor.

Treatment of folk remedies

Removed parasites from the body in the home some patients better with the help of different medicinal plants, or their parts. This therapy has a more gentle effect on the body, can be used for repeat courses and prevention of further infestation.

Plants can not be used by people with allergies in the anamnesis, in addition, folk remedies using onions, garlic, the bitterness (wormwood) is not worth it to heal the children of an early age.

Experts usually recommend to combine traditional and non-traditional methods for the treatment of parasites in adult patients. The most common recipes:

  1. In the morning instead of breakfast, eat about 300 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds, washed down with warm milk, in a few hours, drink a laxative or do a pittance of an enema, the course is designed for 3 days.
  2. Grass, tansy, and wormwood bitter – a tablespoon of each place in a saucepan, pour 0.5 liters of hot water, heated in a water bath for a quarter of an hour, after cool to the temperature of the body, drain and put in a клизме into the anus for 5-10 minutes;
  3. 50 g of cloves, 100 g of cinquefoil goose and 30 g of wormwood bitter in a dry form to mix, grind to a powder. Take a teaspoon of ложечке before meals, in the first day, then 2 times 2 days, followed by 3 times a day. Treat maybe a few months, after getting rid of parasites for prevention take once a week during the year.

The question is how to extricate the parasites from the body, it is necessary to discuss with the attending physician. Usually use the comprehensive effect of the medicines and folk remedies with regard to the type of parasites and the function of the patient.