Folk methods, how to get rid of parasites in the body

symptoms of parasites

A long period of time the worms have been considered a disease of dirty hands. But that's not entirely true. Become infected with parasites, can absolutely every person. According to the latest data, helminthiasis occurs practically in all people. Folk remedies against parasites will help to solve this problem quickly and safely.

In particular natural remedies are important for children and pregnant women – many medications are prohibited for these categories, due to its high toxicity. Among the natural products is very well-known – wormwood, the seeds of the pumpkin. But there is not well known, but no less effective therapeutic drugs.


Preparations on the basis of tansy парализуют parasites, they lose their vitality, removes from the fecal masses.

Tincture of the flowers of tansy – great vermifuge agent. For the preparation of medicines is not suitable overdried materials, brown inflorescence.


The drug effectively fight per ascarids and pinworms. Pour литром boiling water, 25 g of cauliflower tansy. Take 50 minutes. Be eaten before meals.

An adult dose – 120 ml three times during the day. Children is enough to put on 15 ml of medication.


Powder from the seeds of tansy has greater efficiency than the water infusions. For children, the dose is 2 grams, for adults – 5 gg

The powder can be washed down or diluted in water. But the experienced herbalists recommend consuming the medicine on a crumb of bread. Of fiber and the necessary dose of the drug скатать bead, swallow, do not swallow whole.


Length of treatment – a month. Take the powder of tansy should be on an empty stomach, 2 times a day.

Gennady Малахов notes that the water decoction doesn't get to the intestines – the habitat for the majority of the parasites. Powder accumulates in the intestines – parasites cease to be possibility of fixing on the walls of the organ.


The way it helps in the fight against pinworms – exactly hit the bottom department of intestines, causing itching in the rectal area.

  1. Mash 8 g of grains of tansy.
  2. Clean, grind 1 garlic cloves.
  3. Heat 270 ml milk pour all the ingredients.
  4. The capacity to put on the fire, where let it brew, sit sit on low heat under a lid for 10 minutes.

The filtered decoction is the need to enter into the rectum, trying to hold back the liquid inside, how is it possible. The procedure should be done in the course of 21 days.

Important!Пижма – poisonous plants. About this, you should always remember to use this device for the treatment of


The most famous plant of the parasites. The people's name of wormwood – communis. Helps to get rid of not only from different worms, but the representatives of the coccal flora – стафилококки, стрептококки, gonococcus.

Has a strong, specific taste, which is impossible with nothing to confuse. Already the slavs used the wormwood, how to get rid of many diseases, and to clean the apartment from negative energies.


Steep with boiling water (300 ml) pour 10 grams of dry wormwood. Capacity укутать, leave for 20 minutes. For half an hour before the meal should drink 70 ml absinthium medication.



Grass (75 g) into a container of dark glass, pour the alcohol (375 ml). Carefully close, cancel in the dark room for 30 days.

Prior to taking the twice to skip through the gauze. Daily intake consists of three doses of 40 drops.


For preparation will need 530 g of fresh young leaves of wormwood, and 1 l. of all oils of vegetable origin.

Ingredients to mix, to send to the moon in the fridge, every day remix.

Отфильтрованное means you need to take 10 ml 4 times during the day. Swallow immediately, it is not necessary – slowly propositum, until the oil is not sure the consistency to remind the water to spit out.

Cure for Ванги

  1. Mix the dry wormwood leaves and crushed pumpkin seeds.
  2. Pour 100 g of a mixture of 300 ml of alcohol.
  3. For a week put the container with the medication to heat or under direct rays of the sun.

Take before lunch and dinner, 25 ml of the tincture for three weeks.

Important! Experts in psychosomatics argue that the accumulation of negative emotions leads to intensive breeding of parasites in the body and the development of cancer.

Medicinal plants

The bark of an aspen

The drug has low toxicity, can be used in complex therapy for children older than 4 years. The use of the drug does not cause allergies, how to get rid of parasites is going on finely.

For the preparation of tinctures need 30 g of bark pour 300 ml of alcohol. Capacity put into dark spaces to 14 days, through day tincture well взбалтывать.

The finished potion to drink 3-4 times a day 15 ml, pre-разбавив equal to the amount of water. Duration of the therapeutic course – 3 weeks.


  1. Pour 55 g of raw material of 1.6 l of water.
  2. Put the mixture закипеть, проварить on low heat for 10 minutes.
  3. Capacity укутать, take 3 hours.

Taking drugs should on an empty stomach up to 5 times during the day. Once you need to do 2 throat.

Black walnut

black walnut

To treat boils спиртовую tincture from the young dried leaves. Need 100 ingredients pour 950 ml of vodka. For the maturation of the capacity you should remove the in dark area for 28 days.

Reception mode:

  1. First day – 1 drop dilute in 120 ml of water, to drink in the morning before breakfast.
  2. Second day – 2 drops of the drug on the same amount of water. So take up to 5 days.
  3. Day 6 – 5 ml of tincture stir in 50 ml of water.

The drug should drink slowly, small sips. In the case that the weight from 70 to 90 kg quantity of the tincture is to be increased by 12 ml. For the more obese people will need 15 ml of medicine.

Important! Get rid of the worms will help carrot fresh. It should be consumed in the morning on 120 ml.

Many antiparasitic products easily can be found on each the kitchen or in the nearest supermarket.

Pumpkin seeds

The perfect remedy, how to get rid of parasites, children, expectant mothers. The seeds can be eaten raw, dried, you can fry them or подсушить in the oven.

Sunflower seeds and castorea oleum

The therapeutic course is designed for 3 days.

In the day you need to eat 4 servings of 25 g of unpeeled crushed seeds. An hour after the serving of the seeds to drink 5 ml castorea oleum.

Sunflower seeds and honey

For children under 5 years of age the dose is 50 g of seeds. Senior деткам you can put on 150 g seeds. An adult serving is a need to increase 2 times.

  1. The seeds along with the skin grind, dilute with water to the consistency of sour cream, add 15 ml of honey.
  2. Drug is taken before breakfast, thoroughly chewing. Over 3 hours to drink a laxative.

Mushrooms лисички


Лисички totally kill all kinds of parasites and their eggs. Medicinal properties have raw and dried mushrooms.

From chanterelles is preparing a magic tincture.

  1. Be clean crushed to a powder 10 dried mushrooms.
  2. Pour 150 ml of alcohol.
  3. Last 10 days, every day quatiens.
  4. Not процеживать.

Take medication before going to sleep at 10 ml together with the sediment. Treatment continues for 60 days.

If alcohol is contraindicated, you can prepare the infusion 5 grams of mushroom powder and 230 ml of water. Wait an hour, drink along with sediment before bedtime. How to get rid of worms need about 20 days.


Ginger tea – a storehouse of useful substances, the drink will save you from many diseases. Helps to get rid of helminthic parasitic diseases.

Pour boiling water (240 ml) 5 g of the minced ginger, leave for 10 minutes. For taste you can add дольку lemon, 5 ml of honey, mint, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom.


This vegetable is very do not like worms. For the preparation of medicines it is necessary to cook porridge from one medium onions, pour 260 ml of lukewarm water.

Лекарству should be allowed to stand for 10 hours, it is necessary to filter, divide into 4 portions. A day to drink after one dose of the drug.


This vegetable – the perfect remedy for the expulsion of parasites. Eat garlic regularly, it is possible to safely protect yourself from worms.

Depending on the type of parasite garlic can be used in different ways.


Help to get rid of and filarial.

  1. You need to grind a larger clove of garlic, mash wrapped in a bandage and place in a dry teapot. Everything must be done very quickly. Because фитонциды is rapidly disappearing.
  2. Gently hold the nostril, take a deep breathe allium spirit. Comes to 4, breathe out.
  3. The duration of the first inhalation – 2 minutes. Gradually the time may be extended to 15 minutes.

A day you need to do no less than three procedures. For each inhalation, it is necessary to conclude a new clove of garlic.

Horseradish and garlic against лямблий


  • vodka – 500 ml;
  • the crushed root of the horseradish – 55 g;
  • pulp from the garlic – in the year 70

The ingredients mix well, remove capacity in a dark room. After the maturation of the filter. Therapy consists of двухнедельных courses. Every day it should take 45 ml of tincture in 3 reception.

Milk with garlic

milk with garlic

Of these components to prepare a solution for an enema. The device is safe, suitable for kids and future moms at any stage of pregnancy.

  1. Cook porridge from one medium allium heads.
  2. Pour the hot domestic milk (230 ml).
  3. The container with the medication укутать, leave on 50 minutes.
  4. Filter, use for microclysters.

Children up to year – 25 ml. Дошкольники – 35 ml. Youth – 50 ml. Adults – 125 ml.

Water tincture

The device is effective against many species of parasites.

  1. Cook porridge from an average head of garlic. Pour 245 ml of water, leave overnight. In the morning drink the medicine, he will not get up from the bed.
  2. With this solution it is possible to пропитывать cotton turundy, to use as a candlestick. A means of effectively even for infants.

Important! The key to a quick and effective way to get rid of parasites is to drink pure water during the treatment in large quantities.

Birch tar

Safe means on the basis of the bark of the birch.

The product can be mixed with milk or honey. To 5 ml of product is required 1 drop of tar. Can drip onto the crumb of rye bread, which should be eaten immediately.

After 4 days of dosing it is possible to increase to two drops. The maximum dose – 10 drops. Treatment continue until the complete elimination of all symptoms of helminthic parasitic diseases.

Березовая water

Infection with worms often manifests itself in different skin diseases. For the processing of the infected areas and it is determined by the device.

  1. Mix 4 liters of clean water with 500 ml of birch tar.
  2. Mix well, remove in 2-3 days in the fridge.
  3. The Film, which appears on the surface to remove. Cure pour into another container.

To have such a composition, it is possible, and in no more than 200 ml per day.

Comprehensive cleansing from parasites

Using several herbs at the same time allows you to completely cleanse the body from parasites. antiparasitic triad was invented by a doctor from America Hilda Clark. It is used for the preparation of drugs shelled walnuts, wormwood and inflorescences cloves.

Doctor of medical sciences Valery Ivanchenko adapted the recipe for the Russian latitudes. Consequently, the Russian triad – the cure for parasites on the basis of the cauliflower tansy, wormwood and cloves.

It is necessary to mix these herbal pills:

  • from dry cauliflower silverweed – 600 g;
  • from the seeds of a wormwood bitter – 150 g;
  • from the flowers of clove – 300 gg

A separate dose – a teaspoon with a small roof (1,75 g).

Important! All components increase the excretion during menstruation. So there is no need to start treatment immediately before the critical days.

How to receive:

  1. In the first day of the drug should be taken 1 time in the morning 30 minutes before eating.
  2. The next day you need to drink one dose in the morning, the other before lunch.
  3. From the third day and the whole of the following week to take a dose before each meal, three times during the day.

After a week with the body completely очистится from parasites. For prevention once a week it is necessary to drink 3 doses of the drug daily.


There is a less aggressive recipe of the Russian triad. It is necessary to mix the powder, cumin, cauliflower, calendula and calamus in a ratio of 1:2:1.

  1. A separate dose – 4 grams of the drug. Have a similar course.
  2. Length of treatment – 14 days. You can then move on to the mode of prevention.

To prevent helminthic infestations should be once a year, to do a preventive cleaning of the body using any of the folk remedies. It is important not only to carefully wash your hands, especially after work in the country, but also properly handle all the food. All vegetables and fruits, without exception, is the need accende intus stupam boiling water. Meat and fish without the proper heat treatment – a sure way to get infected with worms.