How to find out if there are worms in humans?

To find out whether the parasites in humans at the primary stage of infection is enough, is not easy. Because for the detection of needs to their numerical increase. The larvae can't ad parasitize, so no symptoms.

When a colony of adult worms starts ad parasitize in the body, it is possible to detect the scan. Parasites can be found in every organ of the person, including the heart, liver, lungs and brain. Most often, a person has no idea about the presence of worms.

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How to determine whether a person has parasites?

The correct diagnosis is often prevented from contact with various manifestations of паразитарной parasitic disease. Because helminthology contains about 240 species of parasites of different sizes. For them, one is able to be both transient, and the main host. Biotics life worming takes place in the body of the people completely, or partially.

Learn about the hidden presence of parasites in the body is possible from the pop-up problems of the digestive system. This is related with the localization of the main types of worms is just in the intestines, with their influence on the walls of the intestines, and откладыванием eggs into the cavity.

Sometimes excessive thinness in an increase in appetite may indicate the presence of pests. If the problem is not with the exchange of substances and endocrinology, the lack of increase in body weight, or, conversely, rapid recruitment to obesity – one of the main symptoms of lesions with worms.

What are the parasites living in the human body — types of

The main types of parasites in the human body:

  1. Annelid worms – pinworms, roundworm, whipworm.
  2. Трематоды – flukes, двуустки.
  3. Subcutaneous worms – mites, worms Guinea vermis libero.
  4. Koljuchegolovye worms (скребни).
  5. Tape worms – in trematode, in cestodosis (цепни, tapeworm, лентецы).
  6. Protozoa worms – amoeba, giardia.
  7. Translucens parasites inhabit the intestines of more than 100 species.
  8. Fabric parasites, exist in the tissues of the muscles, the lungs, the brain, the lymph vessels.

How to determine whether the parasites in the human body — symptoms


The most common symptoms are present in the body in humans worms:

  • Constipation. The parasite reaches enormous size, it may block the lumen of the intestine. This will lead to a deterioration of the intestinal перистальтики and constipation.
  • Diarrhea (diarrhea). Protozoa worms produce hormone-sicut substances which lead to the жидкому chair.
  • Cranky intestine. Inflammation of the intestines, leads to a reduction in the absorption of useful fatty substances. As a result — the increased fat content in the bowel movements.
  • Bloating. Worms can contribute to the vestibulum in the intestines.
  • Problems with the skin – may indicate infection, amoebas, Giardia or mold.
  • Joint pain. Parasite, travel on the human body in the lookout for comfortable residence, can lead to articular pain of the head, due to tissue injury.
  • Anemia. Some worms are capable of lignum on the walls of the intestines and eat the nutrients, as a result of anemia.
  • Violation of sleep. Waking up in the night, can cause liver, trying to get rid of toxins.
  • Nervousness. Increased nervous excitability, may be the result of secreted toxins parasites.
  • Bruxism (gnashing of teeth at night). It is considered отголоском nerves to the stimulus.
  • Chronic fatigue. It is caused by a lack of useful and nutrients, despite the quality of the food.
  • Poor immunity. Worms weaken the immune system, which leads to lower production of protective immunoglobulins.
  • Respiratory diseases. The worms move in the body, even on the airways. Sometimes the symptoms of ARI can be a sign of worms.
  • Oncology. Failure of immunity, poisoning of the organism, traumatic effect on the tissues and organs, as well as the lack of useful substances, provokes the development of cancer cells.

The external symptoms of the defeat of human helminths is the allergic reaction:

  • itching;
  • urticaria;
  • rashes;
  • fever;
  • swelling Квинке.

The degree of severity of the allergy depends on the localization of the helminth in the body, its direct contact with organs and tissues, and from the quantitative formation of toxins.

How to check whether worms in humans without analysis

Not always have the opportunity to go to the clinic, pass the diagnostics, pass the necessary health tests for the detection of worms. It is possible to find out whether worms in humans without analysis, and in domestic conditions.


For this you need to focus on the following symptoms:

  • беспричинная temperature;
  • poor appetite;
  • itching of the anus;
  • the smell from the mouth;
  • in children hyperactivity;
  • salivation at night;
  • gag reflex when brushing your teeth;
  • the need for sweet dishes;
  • brittle nails, problems with hair;
  • often appearing illness.

How to find out if there are worms in a child

The easiest way to learn about глистах in the body on the stage of their breeding. It is necessary to pass a blood test that reveals antibodies – the reaction of the parasites, toxins, and analysis of feces for the eggs of worms. For the detection in a child in the anus of opisthorchiasis, enough to hold the adhesive paper, and after a time the eggs.

Parasites in the human body and treatment

Дегельминтизация is held медикаментозным method. All used products are so toxic to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to the instructions.

Most often they are used products: альбендазол, levamisole, пиперазин, Pyrantel, mepacrine, carbendazim, празиквантел.

At the time of the main treatment for the best effect, it is necessary to stick to a diet. Eliminate fatty, smoked and sweet. The treatment acts on the eggs of the parasites, therefore, it is necessary to drink away the medicine for 2 weeks.

Treatment of worms and parasites folk remedies

лечеие folk remedies

At home treatment of worms folk remedies, it is aimed not only to eliminate parasites, but also on the rehabilitation of the organism. Positive results can be achieved thanks to the семенам pumpkin or flax on an empty stomach, yogurt with garlic, tincture of the bark of the oak, an enema with baking soda, and also cleansing teas from the collection: the bark of the oak, flowers of tansy, herb wormwood, buckthorn bark.

The infusion of mushrooms, chanterelles effective in глистах, because it contains special substances, which adversely affect them.

For the preparation of infusion: 100 gg chopped fresh chanterelles pour 300 ml of alcohol, insist on the occasional tremor, under the lid closed for about 3 weeks.

Consume infusion of 1 tsp before bedtime for 1 month. Лисички not only through the worms, but простимулируют the immune system.