Tests for parasites for adult and child

Information about the fact that 80-90% of people infected with worms, many are pushing the idea that it is necessary to drink away антигельминтные products with the preventive purpose.

tests for parasites

But first it is necessary to pass the tests for parasites, to be exactly in their presence or absence. Only then should start to anthelmintic therapy.

Because in the human body паразитирует many species of worms, there are different tests for their identification. Each diagnostic procedure has a certain percentage of the reliability and distinct features of the design.

What kind of examination for parasites, there are

Arise from various reasons, that it is necessary to hand over the analysis on presence of de-worming. Under this option shall be issued 3 types of analyses:

  1. Preventive – are essential for the early detection of helminthiasis even when there is a characteristic symptomatology. Place through the personal initiative of the person either at the диспансеризации. Recommended to rent this kind of analysis is every year, especially children.
  2. Barrier – appointed with the aim of minimising the risk of the spread of helminthiasis among the population. This is a binding analysis which come the children, before you sign on the детсад or school, food industry workers, in the sector of services, health personnel to health book. The implementation of barrier analysis is provided once a year.
  3. Prescribed by a doctor – this type of tests for the presence of de-worming is appointed by the physician in the presence of symptoms that are typical of helminthiasis: nausea, indigestion, itching in the back alley, weight loss, abdominal pain, fatigue, dizziness. When однократном negative result of the analysis it is necessary to pass again to make sure about its veracity.

Regularly donate to the analysis on the worms need to be children and also their parents, the people in the house which are the animals, the who works with countries, animals, drinks increatos water from wells, used in foods, which are low in thermal processing either intended for human consumption in a raw, arida, salsa form, especially if it's meat, fish, sushi.

weight loss

Depending on the situation and the symptomatology is assigned one or several types of analyses. Let's see in detail the characteristics of each.

Analysis of stool for ova of worms

Analysis of stool for parasites, otherwise it is called coprogram – method, which provides for study under the microscope the fecal masses with the aim of identification of the eggs of the parasites, their larvae either fragments of sexually worms. This analysis gives the opportunity to detect many kinds of worms, but particularly effective against worms, which are parasitic in the intestine. It is suitable for the diagnosis of enterobiasis, аскаридоза, in hookworm, trichuriasis and other types of infection.

For the analysis it is necessary to take special sterile cans. It is released in the emergency room, the laboratory or purchased in a pharmacy.

Keep it simple:

  1. Maybe 1/3 of the fill capacity of the feces. It is necessary to do to 11.00 pm. Make sure the cans are discharged through a third-party impurities, for example, blood, drops the other picks, because it negatively to be displayed on the reliability of the results.
  2. Cover filled to capacity it is necessary to tightly close. She agrees, and then sarcinas on a one-time package.
  3. Preferably, if the material can pass to analysis, through 30-45 minutes after collection. It is permissible to store in the refrigerator, but no longer than 8 hours. After the expiry of this period, the material becomes unusable for the analysis.

Before you hand over the analysis, it is necessary for a week stop taking the drugs for indigestion, antibiotics, anthelmintic medications. Before selecting the material is placed rectal candles, are not performed enemas. For the 3-4 days before the analysis it is necessary to limit yourself to consumption of fatty, fried foods, starchy foods.

Find out the results may be on the second day after the transmission of the analysis. But in some labs they do it up to 6 days.

The effectiveness of this method is 30 to 35%, because of the helminths, not every night they lay their eggs.

This means that if the first eggs of worms in the material is not revealed, it is necessary to it several times fold, again with an interval of 3-5 days. If this analysis is three times showed a negative result, is this 99% confirms the lack of worming, паразитирующих in the intestines.

Scraping (pap)


Scratching – the most common analysis of enterobiasis, which allows to detect the presence of pinworms, which are parasitic in the intestine and every night they lay large number of eggs in the area around the anus, and also in the crotch area.

Because of enterobiasis particularly often affected are the children, the child, attendentes детсад, school, just regularly twice a year to donate scraping. An adult is also necessary to perform analysis upon the occurrence of the first symptoms of parasites: itching in the anus, poor sleep, worsening of appetite, weight loss, irritability.

Analysis procedure:

  1. Scraping is used a special spatula, which is available at the pharmacy, or normal ватной wand, pre-soaked in физрастворе or warm water. They removed a swab from the area around the anal opening, and also the crotch. Another way – to connect to the area around the anus this adhesive tape (can be adhesive tape). Gently clearing, it is necessary to attach to the surface of the clean and dry glass.
  2. Procedure it is necessary to perform in the morning, immediately after waking up. Before that, can't go to the bathroom and wash. Take a smear, it is possible in the clinic or at home.
  3. Wand either trowel on the surface, which remained biomass for the stock, sarcinas in a sterile dry cans, around one package. The package must be airtight.
  4. Deliver the material to the laboratory for examination it is necessary on the day of collection of the coating, preferably immediately. If necessary to a maximum of 5 hours it can be stored in the refrigerator.

Scraping is most often used for analysis on enterobiasis

Find out the results you can for the next day.

If the results of the first analysis proved to be negative, but typical for enterobiasis symptoms persist, the procedure will have to go again on the second day, or during the day. Maximum efficiency guarantees 3-4 negative results of the analyses carried out in a row.

Scraping is carried out exclusively identify pinworms. The presence of other parasites with determining the fail.

Analysis of blood

analysis of blood

A blood test shows the presence of parasites, because due to their plantae affect the internal organs, mucous membranes, emit large amounts of toxins. It induces changes in the composition of the blood. When they appear helminths, the immune system begins to продуцировать of antibodies (immunoglobulin). And he can reveal the result of the study.

The most effective way to uncover absolutely all kinds of worming on the initial stages of паразитирования – linked immunosorbent assay. This is a modern method of diagnosis, the effectiveness of which reaches 85-90%.

It is important that has been made competent to evaluate the results, that is can make only an experienced specialist.

A blood test for parasites, defines all their variants – ascarids, лямблий, flat worms, Dens, Trichinella, трематоды. Most of them are parasitic in the internal organs: the liver, the lungs, the pipe, and not in the intestines, so with the help of other analyses to identify the data types of parasites will not work.

A blood test is also used to detect parasites in the body

Procedure of putting the analysis:

  1. How to do the analysis, it is necessary venous blood. Suffice it to 3-5 ml of material from the ulnar vein. The procedure is performed on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning.
  2. Delectus blood, experts are investigating in the laboratory for the presence of specific antibodies. Consider their importance:
  • IgG – indicates chronic stage of helminthiasis;
  • IgM – taped during the acute phase of the disease;
  • the simultaneous increase in the concentration of IgM and IgG antibodies is indicative of worsening of the disease.

To evaluate the results of the analysis.

Before the river of blood the patient must undergo a preparation stage. Starts in a week on the diagnosis and involves the complete rejection of the use of antibiotics and other drugs, the composition of which can negatively affect the accuracy of the result. The day before the analysis, it is worth it to exclude from the diet fatty foods, sweets, sodas and necessarily alcohol.

The results of the blood tests for the presence of worms ready in 2-3 days after placing the material. Some types of analyses it is necessary to wait 9 days. The term depends on what type of worming is defined using a particular procedure.

The advantage of the analysis of blood – with its help, manages to not only properly set the availability of deworming, but also to accurately determine their type, and also the approximate number. The function lies in the fact that in response to attack by different worms body gives off a unique antibody. Respectively, a person loses the analysis on the identification of a certain type of worms. For example, when a suspected лямблиоз assigned diagnosis for giardia. And so on each.

Definition of helminthic parasitic diseases is carried out and using the general analysis of blood. It is sufficiently informative, allows to detect various types of worms, but the most effective against pinworms and also ascarids.

On the general analysis of blood can make a conclusion about the presence or absence of the parasite

When decoding a general analysis applied to these indicators:

  • hemoglobin – when the defeat of the worms is reduced;
  • лейкоциты – in assault helminths their concentration is increased.

For the analysis of blood is taken from a vein. Before performing the procedure, it is important to eat 8, better 12 hours. Allowed to drink only water. For 5-7 days before handling it is necessary to stop taking the antibiotics.

How and where to get tested for parasites

Donate tests for parasites, it is necessary upon the occurrence of the typical helminthic parasitic disease symptoms: problems with digestion, asthenia, weight loss, skin diseases. Also take a test for the presence of de-worming is necessary in those situations where a person many years of suffering from a chronic disease, but the treatment does not produce the expected results. In many cases, it shows that the disease caused by does not have physiological problems, but is a consequence of the паразитирования worms.

Fold analysis can be clinic, private clinic, hospital or medical laboratory. The main thing is that in the device, which you can contact, had modern equipment, as well as a competent staff. Well established laboratory "Invitro", in which are performed all kinds of analyses.

Before undergoing the procedure you need to get the direction of the gastroenterologist, morbis infectiosis, проктолога, therapist, surgeon, dermatologist, pediatrician. With this direction, a person sent to a lab. After the warehouse биоматериала gets the form results, in which it is shown, revealed, whether in the body helminths.

If the results of the analysis confirmed the presence of worms, it is important to immediately contact a qualified doctor. It can be contagione morbi or therapist. When helminthiasis diagnosed in a child, help a pediatrician.

Every person really заботящийся of health must be regularly checked for the presence of worms. helminthiasis very dangerous, regardless of, parasitic on the body of the minor pinworms or m цепни. The worms eat the basic a lot of useful substances that enter the body and also produce toxins that are poisoning a person. This is the reason why, the sooner will be revealed helminthic инвазия, the less damage the disease should health.

Pass the tests, that reveal the parasites, it is necessary at least once a year. For the completion of the diagnosis it is important to choose a good lab, the experts that guarantee maximum accuracy of the results.