How to compose tests for worms and what parasite may be the cause of poor well-being?

Helminthiasis, i.e. a disease caused by parasites, exposed to more than half of the population of the planet. Many people years unaware of the fact that their body eats the inside of one of the four hundred species of worms. In the process of your life maggots are able to damage the vital organs of the host, will prepare him to sickness and even it led to death.

Indications for the purpose of the analysis on worms


The most commonly infected helminths is happening during the meal. Unwashed vegetables and fruits, touch, eat with dirty hands, poorly purified water, inadequate heat processing of fish and meat — it all becomes the cause of the appearances in the body of parasites. Eggs worming also transmitted via bedding and underwear. The availability of in-house enabled requires strict compliance with the rules of hygiene: cats and dogs are often take de-worming, and, Pat a pet, you can become a carrier of parasites.

In the risk zone and small children: their fragile body more susceptible to worming than adult. Even if your toddler is not forget to wash hands before eating, threatens to become infected from their peers in children's institutions. In addition to domestic, there are more "exotic" ways of spreading parasites: for example, some types of deworming are able to penetrate into the body directly through the skin. After the formation of worms in one of the members of the household usually gets sick and the other members of the family.

For the early detection and destruction of worming need to be investigated, to detect the presence of parasites in the body. Usually it is sufficient to obtained a simple and painless analysis.

Tests for worms, depending on the reason for the determination, conventionally divided into the following types:

  • Preventive — undertaken with a view to timely detect the presence of parasites, even in the absence of symptoms. The procedure is held on its own initiative, in the framework of the clinical examination. Recommended frequency — no less than once per year.
  • Barrier — experts warn that the spread of the disease among the population. So, when the adoption of a child to kindergarten or the pool, will need assistance, including information about the absence of de-worming. Workers in sales and production of food is necessary to pass the tests on the worms every year when decorating the health books. As in the case of preventive examinations, examination usually consists in a laboratory study of feces.
  • Prescribed by a doctor — when you access to the clinic with these symptoms, such as weight loss, itching in the anal area, pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, increased fatigue, or upon the occurrence of the disease, often caused by parasites, the patient is prescribed the analysis of the stool for eggs worming, as well as studies of the blood for antibodies. In these cases, examination of the spending more carefully, in the event of doubt in the reliability of the results of the analysis to designate repeatedly.

Regular inspection of all family members for the presence of worms is an important part of maintaining health. This is especially important if they are present risk factors: the presence in the house of children and animals, occupations, gardening, swimming in natural water reservoirs, drinking water from springs, wells and fountains, eating food without proper heat treatment (the steak with blood, lard, sushi and etc.). The consequences of late detection of the presence of de-worming in the body can be very difficult: some species of these parasites damage the intestinal wall, causing sepsis, are the cause of the interruption of the work of the CNS and destroys the internal organs.

On that note, if you want To protect yourself from worms, follow the simple rules: wash your hands after using the toilet, walking down the street, contact with animals and just before eating. Vegetables and fruit is useful not only wash, but also to expose the heat processing. Meat and fish before drinking it is better to endure in the freezer no less days, and then cook or fry up to full readiness.

What examinations are coming in on worms and how to prepare for research

There are several kinds of analyses that allow to reliably identify the presence or absence of parasites in the body: analysis of the stool for eggs worming, scraping, blood test for antibodies. Also testify about the presence of de-worming may be indicators of total blood test — the patient elevated hemoglobin and ESR.

The analysis on eggs of worms (deworming)

This type of analysis is the most popular way to determine the presence of worms (parasites of all types) in the body. When examining the feces of a specialist sees, not of the parasites themselves, but only eggs worming.

General administration analysis of the stool for ova of worms does not require any special previous training. The only restriction: in front of him it is recommended to take anti-parasite drugs, antibiotics, drugs against diarrhea. A special sterile container for biomaterial you can take in advance in the laboratory, in the clinic or in a regular pharmacy. Immediately after a bowel movement cal to collect the cans, which must be immediately converted to a medical examination or store in the refrigerator no more than 8 hours.

In the good outcome of the analysis (in the standard eggs of the worms may not be detected in the stool), it is better to give up the court twice more in the next few days. The accuracy of the first studies for many of the parasites is only 50%, while three times he received the same result is indicative of the 99% without de-worming.

Despite its simplicity and popularity, the analysis of a feces recedes in importance as more modern methods — study blood for antibodies. Below we take a look ways to effectively recognize the presence of the most common species of parasites.

Analysis of enterobiasis


Enterobiasis has the head of a predominance status among helminthiasis. His cause of pinworms — small white worms. The disease is particularly frequent in children of preschool and younger school age. The main symptom is severe itching in the anal area, and especially in the evening and night hours.

The most effective for the identification of enterobiasis is a sampling swab, cotton stick, or scratching a special spatula from the area near the anal opening, common analysis of a feces effective. Procedure spend from the morning, because at night, pinworms are "on the surface", to lay eggs. It is important to carry out the procedure in the expedition to the toilet and without prior washing the crotch. Save the resulting biomaterial is possible in the refrigerator no more than 8 hours, but it is better to immediately hand over to the lab.

Analysis on ascariasis

Ascariasis is also widely used in children and adults: they get sick up to 20% of the population of the Country. Worms-roundworm, as well as pinworms, belongs to the group of nematodes, but they look much scarier: the length of their body can reach up to 30-40 cm. The source of the disease usually become fresh vegetables and fruits: in the soil the eggs of ascarids can survive up to several years, when he got "on the table" right out of bed. Symptoms škrkavkámoz is the weakness of the, fatigue, itching in the anal area. Roundworm are able to spread around the body, they become the cause of lesions of the liver, respiratory tract, gall bladder — in this case, the primary featured added to the secondary, caused by disease of the organs. The development of škrkavkámoz is able to lead to the death of the patient.

The most effective for the identification of ascarids in the body blood test for antibodies. It does not require any special training, however, it is appropriate to abstain from food for a period of four hours in the analysis.

Analysis on opisthorchiasis

Opisthorchiasis cause flat worms — cat Coincidence. The disease is expressed as a local expansion: the bulk of the patients live in Russia and the CIS countries. Sick opisthorchiasisom can be used in the consumption of food contaminated fish, which is the intermediate host of the parasite. The worms develop in the bile ducts and the ducts of the pancreas, causing infections, allergic reactions, liver disease, pain in the side and increasing the temperature. The lack of timely treatment can lead to the defeat of the central nervous system, chronic gastritis, ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.

The most effective for the identification of cat's Accident is a blood test for specific IgG-antibodies. Reliable measurement it is possible to obtain in the implementation of the research in the period from the sixth to the eighth week after infection. During the transition to the chronic phase of the indicators can come to normal, in this case to determine opisthorchiasis in this way will not work.

Analysis on the trichinosis

Trichinosis cause of Trichinella — helminths, which are found in the human body with the infected meat and lard. Products in the large stores necessarily tested for the presence of the parasite, and therefore is a victim of Trichinella usually are private farmers, hunters and people who buy meat on the untested locations. The eggs of this parasite is not able to destroy the usual thermal processing, does not help and the salting, smoking. For assault it is enough of one of the small slices.

The symptoms of the disease in the first two–three weeks are an allergic reaction of the body, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. Then comes the diseases of the body, in which is shown the worms: parasites can select any area of the body and break it down for a number of years. Finally, trichinosis can lead to the death of a patient or to persistent violations in the work of the body.

When suspicion for the presence of Trichinella patient's direct blood test for specific antibodies. For a negative result and continuing symptoms recommended to undergo a repeated examination after a few weeks: in early stages of the disease may not identify, high accuracy provides studies of the blood with the second–fourth week after infection.

Analysis on strongyloidiasis

The study

Strongyloidiasis cause white worms under the name of anguilla intestinal. This parasite lives mainly in places with a tropical climate, very often from the defeats they suffer, gardeners and farmers. The parasite can penetrate into the human body with each contact of open skin with the ground, for example, when walking barefoot or while weeding the flower beds.

When it gets into the body, anguilla leaves on the skin a red trace, persistent up to several days and causes severe itching. The following symptoms can be both classic (itching in the rectal area, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain), and completely unexpressed. The parasite can live in the body of the host for the next years without them causing severe discomfort. However, when a weakened immunity strongyloidiasis leads to the death of a patient in more than half of the cases.

For the detection of the disease is effective analysis of the stool: in the examination of the excrement are seen no eggs of worms and of larvae. A blood test for antibodies, but gives more precise results — up to 85%.

Helminthiasis — dangerous for health and life of the parasitic disease, which can lead to disability or even death. Timely appeal to the doctor and subsequent treatment are a guarantee that the patient avoid any complications. Testing for worms is to be taken not less than once per year and only in the modern lab, where you apply the most effective methods of research.