Effective cleansing of the organism from parasites

How to get rid of parasites in the human body in time? What steps to take to worms not only bred, but left and larvae? The problem is, that removed parasites difficult, and to apply medication that immediately and quickly kill all, it is impossible. If it did, then the intoxication will be a strong. Necessary diagnostics. On the basis of the obtained results with the specialist is assigned the appropriate treatment.

how to get rid of parasites in the human body

The symptoms of the disease

Cleansing the body from parasites — a process complicated, the problem lies in the anatomical characteristics of a worm. Some parasites not only have a suction cup for maintaining a tissue, but also the actual teeth, which the worms literally destroys the membrane and the surrounding tissue. The parasites damage the gastric mucosa, congestion of the body management of their life, poisoning him.

To start cleansing the body from parasites need to be diagnosed with, but not everyone will walk on examination. Attention should be paid to symptoms, to effectively lead the parasites from the body. Symptoms of infection are:

  • the constant feeling of hunger, weight loss, for reasons that are not;
  • anemia, weakness, which is not curable;
  • allergic reactions, which previously was not;
  • instead of drastic weight loss can observe a too strong set of weight, during this diet has no influence at all;
  • migraine, the most powerful of headaches;
  • heaviness on the right side about the region of hypochondrium;
  • constipation, diarrhea, the so-called syndrome nervous stomach and other problems of the digestive system;
  • usually, how to get rid of the parasites will return the beautiful appearance of skin and hair, so attention should be paid to deterioration of the appearance of hair, poor condition of the skin;
  • pain in the joints, which can be considered as a simple muscle pain, arthritis;
  • cold sores on the lips, which occurs very often;
  • insomnia;
  • the effectiveness of the reduced, severe fatigue.
how to get rid of parasites in the human body tabletki

Diagnosis of parasites

Decide how to pull and parasites, it is necessary to pass diagnostics. It is important to note that the parasites are from only one media may be transmitted to several people, and at the same time infection occurs several kinds of deworming. This complicates diagnosis and treatment, often even the external symptoms are observed not immediately. Today apply a variety of methods of diagnosis, can not be called the most accurate. For the credibility of the doctors prescribe various tests. Such traditional methods, such as a stool sample to the determination of the eggs, has-reliability — accuracy is equal to only 15-17%.

To cleansing from parasites was effective, today there are the following methods of diagnosis:

  1. Immunological method, i.e. serology, which allows with accuracy to determine whether the antibody specific to the products life of worms. The method can be applied to the late stage of infection, but its accuracy is not higher than 60%.
  2. Histological coprogram, carried out with the use of powerful microscopes. To work with the use of thin profiles of the feces, in which it is possible to consider fragments of the tel de-worming, their appearance.
  3. Haemo intuens an presents a diagnosis of the blood by a scan is a so-called live drops, which increases to 2 thousand times. Using this method it is possible to evaluate the condition, the presence of foreign plants, the larvae.
  4. The electroacupuncture is not so popular, experts do not recommend to use, because the electrical effects on the body can be harmful.

In any case, before the start of treatment must necessarily pass inspection.

Methods of treatment and their effectiveness

To carry out prevention of parasites and the treatment is not so simple, although it is quite a force. The problem is that to destroy the worms cannot in the body found in large quantities in death are beginning to strongly poison the tissue. In addition, they receive strong drugs that destroy the liver. After this the treatment will have to be still long to restore your own health.

Therefore, for the correct treatment today prescribe drugs, generating parasites conditions, impossible for their vital functions. This process is not so simple, it takes at least 1-2 months and more often and much more. Many experts believe that the full treatment can last no less than half a year, doing yourself the drugs are expensive, and moreover requires the use of other, which are necessary to maintain the functioning of the liver.

All the anthelmintic remedies, which are necessary to cleanse the body from parasites, can be divided into the following groups:

  • synthesized drugs;
  • herbal preparations;
  • homeopathic means.

The greatest efficiency have chemical remedies because they provide a quick and complete result. I guess in a few months can completely clean out all the worms, but these drugs are toxic to the body.

In addition, helminths may, in time, perfectly adapt to the chemicals. All are highly specialized, aimed at the destruction of a certain type of parasite.

The number of side phenomena and complications is large, so the reception is carried out only under the supervision of a physician, that is mandatory and receipt of supportive drugs.

Herbal remedies the safest. Use vegetable fees, which create conditions impossible for the operation and development of the worms.

And there is one feature: the plant charges rarely kill the parasites, they just blew. It makes them so safe.

The timing of treatment may be different, it all depends on the type of deworming, but usually requires the 1-th month and up to one year.

Homeopathy — an effective tool for modern therapy, but not every doctor will be able to prescribe the right treatment. All depends on the individual choice of means, otherwise no effect will be. Carefully it is necessary to work and scheme of treatment, to deviate from it cannot, in any case.

how to get rid of parasites in the human body folk methods

Folk methods of treatment

The fight with the worms may be carried out, and folk methods, often such measures safer than others, because they worms just got fired, and not to kill. Of course, before you start treatment, it is necessary to consult with your doctor, because not all methods can be used in different types of helminthiasis, what is important and the individual condition of the organism. Many folk remedies at the same time with treatment allow you to clean the liver, remove traces of food poisoning of life worming.

The main means of getting rid of worms are herbs with anti-microbial action, bitter. For example, wormwood and garlic allows you to create an environment that is unsuitable for the activity of the worms, but no damage to health is not. Antiparasitic agents can be used long-term, then the drugs are intended only for a limited time. In the first stage is a home treatment — it is an antiparasitic, in the second phase it is necessary to use the resources that immunity, additional lack of trace elements in the body. To enhance the effect of the use of special herbal tea, which negatively affect not only worms, but also on the larvae, get rid of which are using standard medicine is not so simple.

Treatment of the colon is carried out with the help of these herbs and fees:

  • wormwood and tansy (the composition is used for adults only, because mugwort in large quantities can be poisonous, but tansy for children, not recommended);
  • the root of elecampane allows you to perform not only the treatment of the intestines from parasites, but also get rid of the worms in the blood, the lungs, the tissue of the nervous system;
  • celandine effective in that case, when the parasites hit the liver: this cleaning process will not only eliminate insects, but also improve the body.

In pharmacies, you can today find different charges for the treatment of worms, but is recommended before that consult a physician. Usually herbs and fees are appointed along with the traditional medicines, which provide a comprehensive treatment.